About the Owner

of Faith Foam & Construction

Ramsey Cardenas


My name is Ramsey Cardenas youngest of nine brothers and sisters combined between half and step siblings. Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. Son to a South Texas born native of the RGV (Rio Grande Valley). And a full-time mom and waitress of Lubbock, Texas. My father was a musician and roofer amongst other trades which would make me a 2nd generation roofer. During ride a longs with my dad during the summer or spring break, I stepped on my first 3 story apartment at the early age of thirteen. By the time I was sixteen my father was growing ill and paying the monthly rent was a struggle I needed to help with. Apart from school and working, my weekends would be helping my father do odd jobs for the landlord putting shingles on roofs, repairing broken brick walls, replacing toilets, sinks etc. Ramiro Cardenas was my dad’s name and we lost him May 10th 2009. I was nineteen.

Backing up to my years with my mother. Mary Ann Roberson! Maiden name Huddleston. No one could make a miracle from mayhem like my mom! She raised four knuckleheaded boys under one roof and was a mother figure to all my other siblings, through my dad. As you can expect life for a single mother to be. Struggles and hardships were always around the corner. My mom had a laugh and smile that could clear any darkness in any room. The stories she’d tell would have you laughing no matter the current situation! She did so well I didn’t realize we were living in poverty until I was a teenager. Weve went through seasons of having the electricity turned off to our trailer, wed store all food in coolers with ice and cooked breakfast, lunch, and supper on the grill outside! She made it fun. We spent time sleeping in a ran down restaurant on my god father’s property, it didn’t matter we went through it together, my mom, brothers, and myself! My mother taught us boys to have outstanding manners she’d get so many compliments in public for our well-behaved demeanor.

My mom passed away August 28th 2016 I was twenty seven.

At the early age of sixteen I had my first son Cash Gene Cardenas, a year later had my 2nd eldest son Gage Jonathan Cardenas. Young and aspiring, I had good intentions. Overwhelmed by the need to provide and try to continue my schooling. I chose a dark path of fast money, that ultimately landed me in legal trouble. On the verge of being another statistic of my environment, I found Faith. In the oddest place you could imagine Lubbock County Detention Center. The minute I got out I went to work! I left the urge of fast money behind, and was led by faith not fear or guaranteed outcome.

The journey was very long, filled with ups and downs, like you’d never imagine.

Today my life looks ALOT different. I have five beautiful children Cash, Gage, Kadyn, Lakai and Sarabi, a beautiful wife Ashley Cardenas and reside in a quiet neighborhood in Wolfforth, Texas.

I’ve stuck to my calling and respected industry serving God, my family and the community. With the opening of Faith Foam and Construction. I could make a difference in the lives of my teammates, clients, associates and much more.

I know if these three things never waver, you can make a difference in your life.  Faith, hard work, and relentless love.